NFS has New Owners!

Acquisition of NFS by Le Bronze Alloys Group


NFS are pleased to announce that on 21st March 2016 we are now part of the Le Bronze Alloys Group.


Le Bronze are specialists in Metal Forgings and Castings and gives NFS to opportunity to offer the whole range of products that the group manufacture.


We look forward to offering these new products to our existing customers.




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Nickel Silver Strip Range expanded

We are pleased to announce that we have extended our range of Nickel Silver strip in coils.
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Welcome to our Global World of High
Performance Alloys in Nickel, Nickel Alloys,
Copper and Copper Alloys

NFS is part of the Le Bronze Alloys Group of companies, that specialise in Forgings, Castings and semi finished and finished products.
At NFS we carry extensive stocks of materials of High Performance Alloys and can, through our in-house Processing Division, offer customised strips, sheets, blanks and sawn cut extrusions, with a quick turn-around for deliveries.
Our Manufacturing Division of High Performance Alloys(Clal-France) can customise specific Alloy Requirements to match your exact needs, subject to volume and through our Research and Development Department, we can respond more effectively with innovation to give you an economic advantage in your markets.

NFS has been operating since 1983 and our High Performance Alloys manufacturing plant in France has been for over 100 years. We are dedicated to providing a high quality product - quick deliveries – flexibility, and our workforce have a wealth of experience to offer. We hold extensive stocks, in our UK warehouse and at our French plant, of both “High Performance Alloys” and “Commercial” materials. We work with our customers, holding dedicated stocks on a “Just in Time” and “Kanban” basis.

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